Friday, 6 January 2012

Terence Conran - Storage, book

This is my first ever book review and I'm not sure but this might be the last one also, since I want to make this review only because the book is so good.

The book is by Terence Conran and it's title is Storage - get organized. I think the "get organized" text is a bit too big of a promise but othervise it truly is a book that tells you everything about storage. I once borrowed this book from the library and after that I've borrowed many more Conran books, but this is the one book that I've enjoyed the most. Then when we were in New York and we visited a Conran shop and I saw this book there I just had to buy it. I normally don't buy books at all, so that was quite exceptional.

In general Conran books are well written, they are neat and aesy to read, there are no useless nick nack info scattered around the pages. He writes full chapters and complete sentences which is extraordinary for an interior design book. The writing is very informative and he even states on the prolog that people shoud really read the book instead of just flipping through the pictures, which are amazing too.

What to me is inspirational in this particular book is that the variety of storage and styles and display is so broad. The writer does not discriminate any style or way to organize. Also in his writing I get a feeling that he has really done all the steps for getting organized himself and not just listing things he thinks might be usefull. Also when he writes about certain areas in the house he seems realistic and takes into consideration that people are different and enjoy different things. In other interior design books I sometimes get a feeling that the writer brings out his or her own opinion too much and pushes his or her ideas as the only truth. To me Conran doesn't seem to do that.

The subject of the book is very specific and maybe not for people who are not interested in organizing at all. But for anyone who wants to better their storage solutions or figure out new ways to keep their collections or displays looking nice this is an excellent book. To actually get organized, this book does not provide enough specific steps and for working on the organizing I'd rather suggest something like Simplify 101 workshop or the Apartment Therapy - Eight step home cure book.

This is a thick book and not the lightest read. This is most likely the only interior design book where I've learned anything. Storage is so tightly involved in the interior and making the storage work will affect your home more than any new furniture or design item ever will.


  1. Hmm, will have to definitely check this one out!

  2. Glad you liked it--I'll check it out of the library and look it over. I've heard nothing but good things about Conran.

  3. I hope you two like it as much as I do.


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