Friday, 20 January 2012


I was just wondering that have you ever seen grey sand? Because I haven't. I've seen black, beige, yellow, white and red sand, but I've never seen grey. I've seen grey stones and many of them, but not sand. Isn't that odd? I've also seen grey gravel. Why is there no grey sand? What happens to the stone when it get's smaller, does it reflect light in a different way so that it does not seem grey anymore?

Not that the grey sand is particulaly important, but I'm still thinking of making the dry landscape zen garden around the Teahouse and I've been checking some pictures of zen gardens and I noticed that grey gravel has been used in most of them. In miniature scale I would be using sand obviously, I even have the sand ready and will be using that eventhough it is yellowish. But I just started to wonder why I haven't seen any grey sand. Is there grey sand where you come from?


  1. hrmmm hrmm hrmmm....interesting. i suppose the greyness comes from impurities and not necessarily the components/minerals themselves? gotta find a rock specialist to find out LOL!

  2. It may be relative. The sand from Hawaii may be grey in comparison to the coral reef sand of the Carribean, for example. What about Iceland? What colour was the sand there?

  3. Cindy - your comment had gone to the spam folder again. I wonder why. Anyway, I resqued them from there.

    Alana - that might be the case, but compared to a grey gravel I would still say most sand is not even close to that colour. If I remember correctly, Iceland had atleast two different colours of sand, beige and black. maybe a mix from those would create grey sand :)


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