Wednesday, 11 January 2012


When I saw the terrarium at the Brick House, I knew I had to have one too. Then I started to look for a glass bowl from the drift stores, but it appears that everyone in Finland either loves these big bowls and they don't give them away or that no one has them. Then I had the idea of asking a one for the Christmas and I got one.

Then I also got some plants, we had at home a cactus that was a bit overgrown. But also I did buy other plants, allthough much smaller plants than on the Brick House because I bet they will be growing fast and filling up the bowl in no time.

I harshly cut the long cactus in shorter pieces, A has once done that before and the cactus grew new roots in no time. I used a folder newpaper to hold on to the cactus, this invidual had such a long and stingy spikes.

I used cactus compost on the bowl and planted the plants. On top of the soil I sprinkled vulcanic rock sand that I had collected from Island. I know I collect the oddest things, but the sand was so beautiful and black. In the Brick House lava rocks were used and they look excellent also.

You see that I used two pieces from the long cactus, I'm not sure if the one that's from inbetween the long cactus can survive, but so far it looks kind of fun, I like it's shape, reminds me of a carambola. I'm ready to pick it off if it doesn't stay looking good.

I'm a bit disappointed, because I don't think my terrarium looks anything as good the ones in the Brick House. Maybe it's because my plants are smaller, or that the sand I used is not very interesting on the top. I hope it gets better when the plants grow.


  1. I had no idea cacti could be cut like that (and grow new roots?!) Looks great.

  2. Neither did I until A said he's done it before. Not sure how a cantus that has the water in it in a liquid form reacts. We used to have a big cactus at my parents' that had this milky stuff in it and if you accidentally cut it it leaked pretty bad.


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