Monday, 6 June 2011

Iceland adventures


Iceland is the most beautifull country in the whole world! It is! I'm totally in love, definitely a place I could go again. The nature is amazing, so powerfull. There is nothing much to see in Reykjavik, but just few minutes drive away are the most scenic views I've ever seen.


In Iceland there are fields of lava and then suddenly mountains and on top of them are glaciers. There are hardly any trees, but plenty of sheep and Icelandic horses, oh and hot springs.

Sheep, they go in packs of three and they are everywhere

I could write a whole book about the waterfalls, there are small falls, big falls, wide falls, very narrow falls, gentle falls, raging falls... And atleast one with a cave behind the fall. Amazing! (but remember to wear raincoat)



We had the best weather, it rained everyday, but mostly on the night time and usually when we were driving with the car. Everytime we stepped out of the car the clouds moved away and sun showed itself. But it was not warm there, it was very windy, all the time, and the wind was cold.


But you could lay down on the soft moss to the leeward side of a small hill and sunbathe. I think I even burned my face a bit, atleast my freckles multiplied.

I don't know what's the thing I love with these vulcanic places, I have been to Mt. Etna and Fuji and Vulcano island and I've loved them all. There is some powerfull thing that speaks to me in these places. Maybe it is the fact that nature really shows it's power there. The earth can really show what it's cabable of doing.

Vík í Mýrdal, columnar basalt

We visited the infamous Eyjafjallajökull, we even got to step on the glacier. But there was more beautifull glacier bit to the north from Reykjavik. We drowe to Snafellsnes to Snafellsjökull with our four wheel drive and got pretty close.

I miss the place allready.

Snafellsjökull, closer

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  1. Oh, fabulous! It is breath taking scenery. Thank you so much for all the pictures and the commentary! I've never been to a land with a volcano in it.


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