Monday, 13 June 2011

Rug washing

The terrace rugs need deep cleaning once every year. They get so filthy from muddy shoes and feet. I went to the rug washing station the city provides. I think washing rugs is very fun, on a hot summer day, like it was on sunday, it's very refressing to splash around with the water. There were few other people in the station, but I was lucky that the wide washing tub was available. That rug on the picture wouldn't have fitted to the narrow one.

The place I went to was very well equipped and it had a mangler to press the excess water from the rugs.

Then I left the rugs there for few hours to drip dry. I went home for the meantime to have lunch and clean the terrace (you'll see that on wednesday).

I returned later to get the rugs. They were not even nearly dry, but they did not drip any water anymore, so I could put them to the car more easily. At home I hung them on the pergola pilars. And the rugs are still there drying, it seems to take a while. Hope they are dry by tomorrow.


  1. Fascinating! I've never even heard of a rug washing station. That is so cool.

    (I was thinking of you yesterday, when I was out on my balcony and saw how very dirty the outside walls of my apartment are -- I need your power washer!)

  2. Yeah, I don't know if this is only a Finnish thing or not, I have not seen them anywhere else, but I think they are usually not the main attraction :)

    I bet you can loan a power washes from someone, many people have them and have very little use for them.

  3. I've never heard of such a thing, either. How smart of you Finns. --And you left them there. My heavens, what a trusting society you have. Looking forward to seeing your terrace!

  4. Yes I did leave them there, there was a sign though that you shouldn't, that the city takes no responsibility if the carpets are gone. But when I looked at all the carpets there which were much more valuable than mine and no one was there watching them I figured I could easily leave mine there too.

  5. I wonder how many get stolen? They would where I live!

    1. I have heard that sometimes these are stolen and some vandalism may happen, but I think that is very rare. I guess people just aren't interested in other peoples' wet rugs :D


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