Friday, 10 June 2011

Herb sill

On summer time I love to have lettuce and herbs in the kitchen, well I'd like to have them on winter time too, but they usually die from lack of light. On summertime our kitchen table fills up with different herb pots and they started to bug me. So why not get a window sill for all the pots? I would have bought one but I couldn't find any that suited this position. The trim from the window gets in the way of the brackets. But luckily I'm a resourceful gal.

I bought timber, cut it in four pieces, and then three brackets. The small pieces are for lifting the sill higher a bit so it will level with the original very narrow window sill.

I used glue to attach the lifting pieces. I could not find my wood glue, or then I've run out of it, so I had to use crafting glue. I could see no difference in it. And there will be some screws too holding the pieces.

Then I waited for the glue to dry and then I painted. I sanded after the first layer of primer, don't know if that is necessary, since the wood was plained. Then another coat of primer and then finally topcoat.

After painting I attached the brackets, ofcourse first in the wrong way. Doh!

Think before you do, Leena! I should really learn, I allways do things wrong on the first time. Well then I attached the brackets again. This time the right way.

And then the window sill was done. Only to attach it to the wall in the kitchen was left, which went really quickly. I asked A to hold the sill while I drilled it to the wall.

Now we have a herb sill, handy!

Edit: Actually now that I look at it, I think I could have added a trim to the egde of the sill, what do you think? I can still do that (if I have time and energy)


  1. Trim would finish that beautifully. It will look so professional! I love how crafty you are--and how you just figured it out and did it! Well done!

  2. That is so very impressive -- and, as Alana says, trim would just be the "icing on the cake" that finishes it off perfectly.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks, I think I will add a trim, but I'm not going to rush with that.


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