Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pink versus white

Two years ago I bought bulbs of Turks cap lilly from a German online store. I bought white Turks cap lilly bulbs. And look what I have growing in my garden, not one but three pink Turks cap lillies. How frustrating.

Last summer only two stems made flowers and those were white so I thought I had got the right stuff, but now the other three that are making flowers are pink. The two that flowered last year flower again and in right colour. Makes me wonder if the German online store tricked me. They knew the white ones will grow first and then I woudn't complain. But after the "warranty" is over the pink ones will appear. Those sneaky Germans! Watch out for them. No, seriously, maybe it's just how these want to be and even if someone tries to make them white the nature will fight back.

Perhaps I just have to live with pink flowers, I'll just snap off the flower before it starts to seed so it won't spread.

On the other hand the Turks cap lillies are not the only pink flowers in my garden.

Those are pink! Perhaps slightly too bright for my taste but I'm certainly not moving those. The Piony is one of the hardest plants to move and plant. It takes many years for it to get accustomed to a new place and might not flower in years. Even though I don't enjoy it's super bright flowers I do enjoy the size and amount of them. And perhaps white flowers against white pergola would look pretty boring.

But soon the Campanula carpatica will flower in white and now the Mock orange is in flower and the smell is amazing. I wish you could smell it.


  1. Hooray for the mock orange! I bought on and ppanted it this spring. It's in the wrong place, though, you can barely see it!

    The pink is lovely, too, though. UI hope you can like pink flowers.

    The Campanula is so pretty!

    All the previos planting at my house were purple. Strange, eh? Lilacs, campanula, lilac.

  2. I think both the white and the pink lilies are lovely (but then, I like pink! I used to dislike it intensely, but now I love it. ???!!!???)

    Lovely lovely flowers!

  3. Oh, I think I can live with pink. I was just waiting for white ones and got suprised.

    I also not long ago used to hate blue, but nowdays I seem to enjoy pale blue colour.


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