Monday, 20 June 2011

Carpet -suffix one

So I desided to keep the thicker carpet, suprise suprise. I quess there was no turning back, I liked it so no one could have talked me out of it. I am sometimes bit stubborn.

So what then, I now had an extra carpet to put somewhere. I could have sold it or donated it, but I desided to reuse it. See this carpet in out entry tambour (as I called it in a previous post), it's dull, it works fine, but I've never enjoyed it's appearance. If you would look more closely you'd see that it's not actually only grey, it also had green and yellow dots in it.

Under the carpet is bare concrete, so it definitely needs a carpet, or somethign on top of it. I generally enjoy the feel and looks of natural materials and the sisal carpets in general are made for entries.

I used the old carpet as a model and cut the same shape from the old livingroom carpet with a carpet knife.

I cut the new one slightly bigger than the old one had been because it had been originally slightly too small. But ofcourse in some parts I cut the new carpet too big and I needed to adjust it a bit after placing it in the entry tambour.

But all in all this was such an easy change, with the old carpet as a model I finished this transformation in half an hour. I love to find new use for things I no longer like in their original place.

There will also be a suffix two for the livingroom carpet, stay tuned for that on wednesday.


  1. The sisal carpet looks just right in the entryway! Good thinking, and good repurposing! And the texture of the sisal will be good for that area as well.

    Excellent! (Looking forward to suffix two)

  2. Thank you scb. I'm sure the sisal carpet will work great eventhough it does not suck in as much water as the old one. But it removes sand and stones from the shoes even better than the old one did.


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