Monday, 27 June 2011

Estonian Midsummer

For the last four years my friends and I have spent the Midsummer in Estonia. We have been to the islands of Estonia and then in the north western part and now we had rented a cabin near the Latvian border on the cost. We've allways had great time and this Midsummer was no exception.

I don't know how we originally desided to go to Estonia to celebrate Midsummer, but it turned out that the cabins and food are a whole lot cheaper in Estonia than in Finland and there is so much to see in Estonia that we desided to celebrate the Midsummer there again and again.

Our cabins have allways been very nice, this time we even had our own cabin dog (it was actually from the neighbour house, it visited us many times). We named it Repe. It was a really friendly god dog.

On thursday we travelled to our cabin and on sunday we drove back. On friday which was the Midsummer Eve we visited Pärnu, the near by city. In south Estonia on the cost there are very long beaches and Pärnu also has a long beach. On the way to Pärnu we stopped on a trail build to the woods and there was also a observation tower with amazing scenery.

On saturday we visited Latvia, we were so close to it so there was no point not to go there. The beaches continue on the Latvian side. Too bad the sea is still so cold that we didn't dare to have a swim.

Every evening we returned to the cabin to have dinner and to enjoy the cabin and just hanging out. So relaxing.


  1. What a wonderful mini-vacation! The picture of the tower made me gasp, but wow, what a view. And gorgeous beaches. (Nice doggie, too!)

    I'm glad you had such a good time, and great weather (despite the coldness of the sea).

  2. The tower made us gasp too, especially when we were up there, it did swing very lightly and one friend of mine is quite afraid of hights. But the view was worth the gasping.


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