Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New pendant light for the livingroom

I ordered a pendant light fixture for the livingroom ages ago. It finally came after many weeks of waiting, sometimes online shopping just isn't very fast.

Before our livingroom had two similar plafond light fixtures. I wanted a pendant light fixture over the dining table, I felt like it would be more convenient and better looking. I also wanted a new light fixture that I could place directly above the table. The other plafond over the coffee table is still staying, for now... Here is the before picture of our dining table and it's surroundings.

For a long time I was bit scared to order a new light fixture that would not cover the same area of ceiling as the previous one. I assumed that there would be a huge contrast on the shade of the ceiling behind that lamp and on elsewhere, because the old lamp had been there for years if not over a decade. But after looking at it for two years I got bored and then suddenly I found the most perfect pendant light fixture, that I just had to have. So what's there to do but to order it. I was especially impressed that the light fixture had the electric source not directly above it, but you could move it around to wich ever place it was needed.

So then the light fixture finally came! Hip hey! We removed the old plafond light fixture and I was happy to find that there were not as big difference as I would have thought in the shade of the ceiling on where the old plafond had been with the rest of the ceiling. It is a bit darker on that spot, but it doesn't matter.

Some new holes were needed for the ceiling to attach the light fixture. Also there was a possibility to cut the wires holding the light fixture and the electrical chord to the lenght needed. But we desided to leave them and just folded them to a nice bundle and tied them up near the ceiling. The livingroom we have now has a very low ceiling so if we ever deside to move it's probable that the ceiling will be higher. So here is the after. I think it looks amazing!

We still need to instal a dimmer for the light, then it will be perfect. (Notice the old plafond light fixture on the commode.)


  1. Oh, that's great! The style compliments your table so much better. (I love your dining table and chairs, by the way.)

  2. Oh that is so much better! The shape complements your table and chairs beautifully. I, too, love those chairs! I'm so glad you decided to go for it!

  3. Thanks to you too Alana!
    I did not know my chairs were so nice, but now that you mentioned them, they do look quite good. :)


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