Friday, 24 June 2011

Cork board

I bought a cork board from a driftstore, I had been looking for a small cork board to hang in the wall near my desk in the home office. So I was at the drift store searching for something else totally and I found the cork board and bought it.

I didn't like how it looked thought. So I disassembled it.

Then I painted the rims white, first two coats of primer and one top coat of fresh white paint.

I added a canvas on top of the cork. I used spray glue, which by the way I hate, at leats this brand. It spreads so widely and usually even if I do cover the place I use the glue at every place gets sticky and icky. I once used it in the office and eventhough I had huge cover from paper under my project it spread all over the place. I think I can still feel the ickyness of it when I walk with socks over it. I might be imagining though. Also it smells horrid. Now I used it outdoors so I did not really matter about the spraying or smell. I used plenty of the stuff to get rid of it sooner.

Then I placed the cork board upside down on a canvas and glued the edges of the canvas to the other side. I assembled the cork board after everything had dried. I did not even attach the the board to the rims on anyway, because with the canvas it was such a tight fit that I doubt it's going to fall out or anything.

After I put two nails on the wall I was able to hang it. It's perfect for the spot, just slightly bigger and it would not have fit.

Today is the Eve of Finnish Midsummer. I'm off to Estonia, where we have rented a cabin and luckily the Estonians are spending the Midsummer at the same day. If you are intrested in Finnish or Estonian Midsummer festivites, check here.

Happy Midsummer!


  1. Nice improvement! I love your pattern of pins. I love summer solstice! I wish our culture celebrated it.

  2. Happy Midsummer to you, as well!

    Love the improvements you made on the corkboard, and love the artistic arrangement of pins!

  3. Thank you Alana and scb.

    Alana you should celebrate it and scb too, you also live so north that the summer solstice is important. Maybe you could invent a new party for your family to celebrate.


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