Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Carpet -suffix two

I promise this is going to be the last suffix for the livingroom carpet. I promise. I could also promise that this is the only blog post I will ever do that's related to cars, but that just might be a promise I cannot keep. I'm certainly not changing the topic of this blog from home to cars but I cannot promise I'll never mention a car again.

You know when you get a car from the store and it looks pretty good, it's clean and shiny, even if it's previously owned or not, and then you take it home and you're afraid you're going to make the first spot to the upholstery? Well you try to cover the nice upholstery. In our car the result of that covering previously looked like this.

I atleast am a very messy car user, I've been known to transport big plastic bins full of horse shit in the trunk also I have wood and timber in the trunk frequently and paint and empty paint cans, just to give you the general picture. I think that's what cars are for, for transporting stuff or shit. A on the other hand thinks cars are for sport and they should look good, all the time.

So since the carpet from the entry tambour was resently replaced by the old livingroom carpet that was replaced by new livingroom carpet I had again an extra carpet. It was the perfect size to cover the trunk with. I removed the original upholstery from the car and draw cutting lines according to that and then I used the carpet knife again to cut it in size. Then I just popped it in the trunk. Easy.

Looks a whole lot better now, doesn't it? There is still enough carpet to cut out covers for the legrooms in the car, but as promised I will not make another suffix out of that, I know you get how I'm going to make those. The old carpets in the trunk of the car went to trash, so no suffix from those either.


  1. Wonderful! We recently got rid of a carpet like that. Why didn't I think to reuse it just this way?! We keep an old flannel sheet in there and a towel--it gets all bunched up and the groceries can be hard to haul.

    You are so clever.

  2. Thanks Alana. I also threw out an old carpet not long ago and later thought that I could have cut a piece out of it for top the compost, so heat will stay there better and seeds and stuff won't grow on top of it. But it's allready in the trash.

    I'm not always as clever :)

  3. I'm enjoying your suffixes! And I, too, am impressed with your great ideas for re-using the carpet (even though you've confessed one you missed. That's okay. You're human, just like the rest of us!)

    Well done.

  4. Thanks scb, glad you enjoyed the suffixes.


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