Friday, 3 June 2011

Re-replanting tomatoes

My tomato plants are growing big time. They needed bigger planters again.

I allready have given nine plants total to my mom, grandmom and A's mom. I talked to my neighbours not long ago and promised to give them some of my plants. One of them said she could exchange some with zuccini plants. I was not certain though how many plants I wanted to give away. But it was easily figured out, because I was able to find from my storage seven big planters and no more. So seven is the amount of plants I will have and then six more in total can be given to the neighbours.

Here is my collection of large planters. The metallic ones are super tall and the room for the soil was way too big, but thanks to Alana, who introduced the tip of using plastic pots I was able to cut up the amount of soil I need to put in the planters.

Then I added some LECA to the planters to fill them up even more.

For the smaller planters I only used pieces of broken clay pots for drainage.

Then was only left to add soil, some tomato feed and the plants. After thorough watering I moved the plants to their final spot and now I just have to wait and the plants will provide me with some delicious tomatoes. Hopefully.


  1. I'm sure they will be fine! I have two tomato plants--and I wish I had more, actually. I always get a kind called "Early Girl." It has the shortest growing time I've seen around here--and our growing season is probably a little longer than yours. (Maybe. Ours is officially May 22 to Sept 1st)

  2. Those plants look terrific! And I can just smell the wonderful scent of the tomato vines, and imagine how delicious those future lush, ripe tomatoes will taste!

  3. This kind is Tiny Tim, it's a bush tomato. I have no idea how long growing season it has.


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