Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I'm cured

You know the final week of the hybrid cure was officially two weeks ago? Well it was, but I finished today. Remember the post I made about the hybrid cure for the terrace? Probably not, it was so long ago. I had lot's of plans and I'm happy to say that I carried out most of them. Since the start was so long ago I'm going to show you the before shots again.

Two weeks ago approximately we sanded and painted the pergola, also I power washed the whole terrace and then I repotted the tomatoes. On monday you saw that I washed the carpets. Whew, I mean that was a lot of work all those things. I could have never done them in a week.

I washed the conservatory wondows finally! I've never liked to wash these windows, they have so many grooves and rims that they are not easy to clean. There is allways some smudge left in the grooves and the fact that these windows are outdoors does not help one bit, they are even dirtyer than the regular windows.

Then I placed the carpets to the conservatory, they had been in the sauna, it started to rain on sunday night, so I had to move them inside. Then all the stuff I had lying about was put away and now the terrace is ready!

I know, I'm drowing in plants. I even got two zuccini plants from my neighbour and I have no idea where I'm going to put them. And by the way the seat cushion covers are now in the laundry so they are missing from the pictures.

And as a final comment to the hybrid cure or to the eight step home cure defined in this book, I must say the cure is quite laborius, it's not probably even supposed to be easy, but if you'd like to do all the steps mentioned in the book, I have no idea how in only eight weeks you could do that. The terrace and the kitchen were the rooms I payed most attention to and after the kitchen session I was dead tired and the terrace session took me three weeks. I have no idea how anyone with children or bigger house could ever finish this.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed the cure and I will do it again, but perhaps I'll only consentrate on a few rooms per cure.


  1. Wow -- well done! And doesn't it feel good to go out there and see how great it looks?

    I agree, doing everything set out in the actual Cure is very hard to accomplish in 8 weeks.

  2. Thanks, it does feel great, although I allready made a mess there because I had to do some gardening and walked around with my dirty shoes. The conservatory is also a tool shed :)

  3. This looks great! What a lovely place to have for our short summers. Funny, I actually thought that if you just did the Cure, as M G-R lays it out, you would have had LOTS of time to get things done. Spring Cleaning and tweaking at the same time turned into a full time job!

    I hope you keep posting...(and we can stay in touch).

  4. I thought that the Cure had built in the spring/fall/what ever cleaning everytime, so I don't think it would be that different, even if you did not invent chores of your own.
    And on some week I think there was a task that said: fix all the things in your home that need fixing. Yeah sure, just like that, in few weeks everything gets fixed, after 10 years of neglect how could a home be fixed in few weeks. Well anyway...

    I will keep posting, don't worry, I think I'm addicted now :)


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