Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Things to do out of a Christmas tree, parts 3 and 4 out of 4

Hihey, a sequel to monday's post. Today I'm going show two more things I made from the Christmas tree.

Part 3

I made a very simple bouquet from the left over fir braches. I created the bouguet to a bowl and used a floral foam on the bottom where I could stick the fir braches. The foam is absolutely not necessary if a more upright vase is used.

Then just poked the foam full of braches. Nothing fancy and not difficult at all. And I ended up with a quite pretty and fresh bouquet.

Part 4
Hearth wreath

I also wanted to make a wreath, but I didn't want to make a round one, since I've made one allready. So for the upcoming Valentine's day (isn't a month from now an upcoming event?) I made a heart shaped wreath.

From a wire hanger and some additional wire I bended a heart form, then for extra sturdiness I attached two long fir branches on either side.

Then as I did on the earlier wreath I started making small bundles from the fir and attached them with thin wire to the base. When I reached the bottom I just thinned the bundles and took a few longer branches and placed them last. I hung the wreath to the backyard in the pergola, now we are able to see the wreath from the office.

Now, any ideas on what I should do with the trunk of the Christmas tree? :)


  1. I like the wreath and your Gloria candleholder ;)

  2. I'm so glad you introduced the candle holder, I love it.


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