Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter wreath

Saturday was a really nice day here and we went to the sea shore to have a walk and admire the shimmering sea. While we walked I found a big branch that had fallen off from a pine tree and I took it in purpose of making a wreath. Free material is the best material. At home I also took a branch from a thuja tree we have between us and the neighbour's yard to have some variation in material in the wreath.

I disassembled the fall wreath I had made to be able to reuse the wreath base. I made the wreath base long long time ago, it's just few twigs rolled to a wreath form and it's not even perfectly round but it works fine.

I cut the pine and thuja braches into shorter pieces.

Then I take a small bundle of branches and form them to a fan of sort before I place them on the wreath base.

I roll wire on top to hold the braches, the wire needs to be pulled tight, but usually one round is enough. Then repeat again and again until the wreath is done. For more detailed instructions check for example this site.

So once I was done I hung the winter wreath to it's usual place next to the front door. I like wreaths without much decorations, but you could add pine or fir cones or berries or what ever comes to mind.


  1. That's lovely. Will it last until Christmas? You are right--free is the best material!

  2. Thank you, yes it will last until Christmas and way over. Last year I had a fir wreath from December to next March. Then the spring sun started to dry the wreath out and the needles started to drop. Although last year it was below freezing point the whole winter, now it's been plus degrees all the time so the conditions are a bit different, but I'm pretty sure the wreath will be fine.

  3. It's beautiful. And I'm glad the base isn't perfectly round. That makes it more "real". And I can just imagine how wonderful it smells... mmmmm!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks scb. Once you mentioned the smell I had to go outside and smell it. Funny. It does smell like pine resin, I love that.


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