Monday, 19 December 2011

Holiday decorations for the wall

I have not put up much holiday decorations yet, and I probably won't even put up much. I am getting a Christmas tree but that is about it. I did make a bunting from old holiday cards for the wallpaper covered board we have in the livingroom. The bunting is inspride by Benita. I wish I would have had as nice cards as she did. Oh and I wish we had a fireplace, even a faux one like she has had.

Last year I put ribbon on the board as if it would be wrapped like a Christmas present. (I think I stole that idea also from Benita, but can't find a post about it). That looked beautifull too.


  1. I like both! I find it difficult to the card bunting to look right. The wall hanging is perfect.

  2. The card bunting can easily look quite stiff or angled. Mine just happened to end up ok.

  3. That wallpaper art is perfect for both those sorts of decoration! (and is perfect on its own, too) Years ago I sometimes put ribbon on my apartment door to make it look like a huge gift. I liked it. I should do that again sometime. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Wow, great idea to put a ribbon on the door! Excellent! I actually used the ribbon idea in one place in my home this year too. I'll show later...


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