Friday, 16 December 2011

Overdue fix ups

Have you had it with the Teahouse posts allready? Getting tired of them? Well I am (untill landscaping starts at the Teahouse :D )

So lets move on... to mending clothes. I had a glove that had a cut and also a jacket which elbow had worn out.

It seems that I had accidentally cut the glove with scissors, but the oddest thing is that because I'm right handed, how could I have cut the right hand's glove. Also I did not notice it at the time it happened, but the next time I put the gloves on noticed the cut. The gloves were still in an excellent shape and I did not want to get new ones, so I fixed this. First I ironed a support fabric on the back, the fabric had glue in itself.

Then I sewed the cut close.

It turned out pretty good I think. So that was an easy fix up. Next I made elbow patches for my jacket.

I use this jacket a lot at work (well I used to use, since the elbow had been worn out ONE YEAR ago, and I haven't used it since). I actually followed Benita's instructions on how to make the elbow patches. I got that glue that comes with paper and ironed the glue on the patch material. Then I cut out the patch from the fabric and ironed the patches to the sleeves.

I'm not sure how the glue will hold up the patch material so I also sewed the edges, so the patch won't fray and it won't get loose.

I could have also just sewn it on, but it's a whole lot easier to sew something that does not move than something that moves about all the time.

Now finally after having the jacket in the crafts cabinet for one year I can start using it again.


  1. i'll never tire of the teahouse posts ;) in fact i'm looking forward to more! (will you be expanding on it, the garden right?)

    these are equally interesting to me, i love DIY stuff :D

  2. I would not like to do anything more to the actual teahouse, so I'm thinking of expanding to outdoors. I think the Teahouse is done and I'm just going to mess it up if I do more. I'm having some issues with the extension time, I actually have a whole post written about that, but I'm not sure I will post it, since every one else seems to be so happy of the extension.

    I don't mean to sound so critical, and if I hadn't finished the house I would feel very different.

  3. i think i understand what you mean. I saw on Emily's blog that some people went through sleepless nights and rushed their entries just to find out that the deadline has been extended (with no warning in between)....had i rushed mine (which i refused to, i knew that i would never make the deadline anyway) i probably would write a lengthy ranty post.

    *hugs* holidays are near. are you ready?!?

  4. My favorite cardigan has a hole at the elbow as well. Already got elbow patches but using the glue is a great idea because I worried my sewing skills will not be enough to keep them in place.

    The jacket looks great with the patches. Good job!

  5. Thanks Nina! The glue was super easy to use, it might not need any sewing, I just wanted to make sure it sticks.
    I lost my favourite cardigan at the JFK airport, I'm so sad about that. I dropped it somewhere, I had so much stuff on my hands that I didn't notice it beeing gone.

  6. Oh, no! Did you try their lost & found if somebody dropped it off? I could mail it to you if they did.

  7. Nina - yeah I called their lost and found numbers and it was a disaster. First I tryed terminal four but the number did not work, then terminal eight (we visited both terminals), but they didn't have it and they didn't know the number of the terminal four. Then I tried the airtrain, but they said they don't keep lost and found at all (why do they have a number on the lost and found site then!!). So I had no luck.
    Thank you so much for your offer to post it to me. I really appriciate that.


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