Sunday, 18 December 2011

About the I'm a Giant Challenge

This is an extra post about the I'm a Giant Challenge, because I feel that I must write my thoughts out, I felt very annoyed by the fact that the Challenge had been extended. I actually wrote a post that was quite harsh but now I've cooled off a bit and I've revised my text. I'm posting this on sunday, because next week is Christmas week and I plan to consentrate on Christmas only. But here goes.

~ ~ ~

Ummm.... I think I sort of stated that the teahouse is finished. And it is, but the dealine for finishing the I'm a Giant Challenge has been extended and now I feel like I need to do more, eventhough I don't really want to. When I started the teahouse I started a project I knew I could finish in the time frame given. Now that more time is given to finish what has been started puts me in an awkward situation.

I made my "dollhouse" deliberately minimalistic and simple, but I think beautifull, because I felt it would look good in my home and because it would be timely possible. So what I quess I'm trying to say is that now that people are given more time to finish what they've started and are able to make their houses as grand as they had visioned, my allready finished Teahouse is leaving behind. I am aware that if I would have not finished the Teahouse I would just be relieved and I would be only happy that the deadline has been moved forward. 

I loved, loved, LOVED making the Teahouse, making miniatures seems to be a great hobby. I cannot remember any other thing for a long time that I've consentrated for as long periods and which I wouldn't have wanted to stop doing. In my opinion the Teahouse I made is amazing and I would ruin it if I would do more to it. I have an idea of making a dry landscape garden around it, or on the side of it, but I'm not sure. Not that the garden wouldn't look good, but I'm afraid it would make the whole Teahouse and it's surroundings too large. Then I would have the issue of where I'm going to showcase the Teahouse. I'm still thinking of the garden though and I might do a setup that can be taken apart later. I even have sand ready in soda bottles (yes, you read that correctly, I have collected sand) from a beautiful beach in the Finnish archipelago.

What this whole post means is that I have no freaking idea what I'm going to do about this challenge.

~ ~ ~

Update 19th December 2011
After I wrote this post I got a comment that made me realize that it does not matter at all what others do. And now after a good night sleep I'm not annoyed or stressed anymore and I feel that what I wrote there was a bit selfish. But I'm glad I did write that and that I got such a good comments. If I wouldn't have written that it would have taken me a whole lot longer to realize how wrong I was or I might have never realized it. Thank you Emma :) and scb.


  1. Is this a competition? Is there a prize? If so, then extending the deadline wasn't a good idea and I'd be upset, too.

    On the other hand, the teas house is what it is--and I wouldn't add anything to it for the sake of a contest--only if it something you would like to do. If doing the landscaping causes storage or display problems, then don't do it.

    The tea house is magnificent: and it will be judged by it's own merits.

    It would be great if you could create a page on the blog with all the links to the Tea house entries--I'd love to look at its creation and evolution all over again. (It would be handy for folks from the challenge who come visiting as well.)

    I'm sorry this experience turned out to be unpleasant: still, that tea house is amazing and I'm glad you found an absorbing hobby which uses your talents so well.

  2. No it's not a competition, so you are right, I'm not missing anything if I don't make anything more to my teahouse. But I do like how everyone taking part to the challenge are motivating others to do more and in a way I might miss that if I finish now.

    But I quess I did over react. Thanks for commenting, your point about the challenge beeing or not beeing a competion made me realize that. Now I'm actually quite amazed how negatively I reacted and I normally consider myself very a positive person.

    If you click on the I'm a Giant link under the Special events on the link bar there on the right it will show all posts from the challenge. But I can make a page for it also.

  3. I absolutely love the TeaHouse as it is, and I think the fact that others are still fussing about with theirs should be no reason for you to feel as if you have to keep doing things to yours. It is perfect.

    Now, you have earned some time to relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

    (And that "Emma" above is really Alana in Canada...)

  4. Emma=Alana!?, what a sneaky... :D

    I'll think for a while what I will do, if anything. I had thought of a dry landscape garden even before the challenge had been extended. But I discarded the idea because of lack of time and space. Now that I do have more time, I can think about it again. We'll see.

    But I'm not stressing about it anymore, thank you scb for your comment, it was really helpfull.

  5. i'm glad you did write about it, i'm not sure about for you, but for me, writing in my blog is very cathartic, and helps me view my situation from another perspective.

    i'm also happy to read that you've sorted it out :) i personally 'abandoned' my 1:24 after the deadline, it was so much pressure to have it completed that i had put aside my 'real work' for it, so maybe i felt a little negative towards the whole thing too...which is why i 'disappeared' after the deadline, so much to catch up on!

  6. Well in this case the process was very cathartic, and I'm glad about that. In general though I guess I have more ready opinions and plans in my posts. But those posts are about material things more than my feelings. Although I do love comments that have suggestions and ideas to adopt.

    I totally understand you 'disappearing'. Real work is much more inportant than the challenge.


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