Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Independence day

Yesterday on the 6th of December was the Finland's 94th Independence day. A and I went to visit a friend of ours and spent the evening there watching the Presidential Independence day reception where our President shakes hands with 2000 guests and the TV-viewers admire or criticise the outfits of the guests. That's how it goes every year.

The whole day is very military oriented. On the day the movie Unknown Soldier comes from television. There are no fireworks and no joyous parades. The closest to anything fun is the University students parade where they just walk, hold candles and sing the national anthem. I've once participated in it and I'm afraid it was a bit boring. Then on the evening everyone lights Independence candle or candles.

Don't get me wrong, Indepence is GREAT, which is why I think the day could actually be celebrated. I bet everyone else than Finnish people think we are in mourning. I'm happy that our friends have come up with a tradition of getting together and watching the Independence day reception together. Friends make the day much more fun.


  1. It's so true. I don't get why we don't celebrate our Independence day with fireworks and stuff like that. We almost cry every independence day and listen Finlandia hymn which is composed by famous songwriter Sibelius. Why are we sad that we have independece? And why do we always watch this Unknown Soldier which is a movie about winter war 1939-1940. Finland got it's own independence in 1917. It has nothing to do with winter war...?

    It would be nice if we celebrated our independence... but no.. never. It's not Finnish nature (Finns = quiet, unhappy, sad) :)


  2. Maybe we must invent new traditions, I suggest a huge party on the eve of independence day. Finns always celebrate on the eve, don't we? So why not on this one too?
    Fireworks would be illegal, but a few sparkler sticks in a drink glass would be so cool.


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