Friday, 23 December 2011

Yihaa! A Christmas tree

I have a Christmas tree! Yay!

My sister and I drove to the cottage and with our dad's help we picked a tree and sawed it off. My sister did not take a tree, she just took branches. I thought I had took quite a small tree, but at home I noticed it's not small at all. I had planned to put it on top of the commode in the livingroom. On top of the commode that now holds the Teahouse. But the tree was too tall and wide. Ofcourse I could have cut it down, but I didn't want to. So I figured out an alternative placement. I pulled the piano closer to the entry and moved the camera stand lamp close to the backdoor. I also pushed the subwoofer a bit to left. All this moving created me a nook where to put the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree leg we have is a pathetic one. It's very small and it can not hold much water. Also it's ugly as hell. First I thought that I could place a bucket in a basket and fill the bucket with rocks and then stick the tree inbetween the rocks. But then I noticed that the pathetic tree leg I have fits inside the bucket. So I placed the bucket in the basket and then I put the tree leg in the bucket. I screwed the tree on it and then filled the bucket with water. I'm pretty happy how it turned out, but I'm thinking that next Christmas I must have a better leg.

I allready told on wednesday that every year I buy one or two new decorations for the tree. I usually buy glass ornaments that in my mind are quite expencive and that's why I don't feel like getting all of them in one go. I do have some old plastic decorations that I'm keeping until I get nicer ones. But I'm in no hurry. This year I did not get a traditional ball decoration, but a garland. I had seen bead garlands on shops, but I did not see one in white. I only get white, golden or silver decorations and I wanted the bead garland to be white. So I went to an accessory store and bought five long pearlescent neclaces.

I split them all and attached them to each other with two composite glue. First I tried super glue, but it just melted the pearlescent surface away.

Then I decorated the tree, with the garland and all the other decorations.

Last but not least

Merry Christmas and I hope you have an enjoyable holiday season.


  1. Beautiful, elegant -- perfect.

  2. Merry Christmas Leena! I love the way your place looks. I love the topper on top of your tree, it is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful holiday season. Yihaa!

  3. I love your tree! You can actually see the tree. Not like ours which exists only for holding the decorations. Love your white garland. Do you and A stay home and celebrate--or do you visit relatives? We will be home--though we will go to my Mom's for Christmas dinner.

  4. Thanks all.
    We usually go to A's parents on the Eve Eve and then he stays there over the Christmas. I go to my parents on the eve and spend the night there. In here we celebrate on the Eve and on Christmas day we both head home allready. We like to celebrate Christmas eve with our own families.


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