Friday, 2 December 2011

Switching lights on and off by a remote

I love decorational lights and lights sprinkled around the room that give a cozy feeling to the room, but I never use them. I never switch them on. I just switch on the ceiling lights because it's easy, but it's not cozy, at all. Despite the love for decorational lights I don't fancy walking around the room switching them on or worse yet pluging them on, so I never have them on. I complained about this to a colleague of mine and she suggested that I'd get swithes that work by remote control. So I bought a new gadget from my favourite store, or actually four new gadgets: remote controlled switches.

How you use those is that you plug the remote control switch on the socket and then activate the correct channel from the remote control by pressing the channel button. The switch says 'click, click' and then it's ready for use and you can plug in the light or devise or whatever. Super easy.

In this remote control I have the option of putting the lights on one by one and putting them off one by one. I can also switch them all off simultaniously, but since this was a cheap set, I cannot put them on simultaniously, but that's fine.

The remote control must ofcourse be kept in a place where A and I can find it easily. And since the ceilign light swithes are on the wall close to the entrance to the room I figured the remote control could be kept there too. I added a piece of sticker velcro on the wall and on the remote control and attacthed it on the wall next to the regular switch. Now the lights can be swithed on or off from there or if wanted the remote can be moved.

So to demonstrate. Pressing the first light on

First light is on

First and second light are on

First, second and third light are on

All lights are off

And I have not moved one inch, Yay!


  1. Fantastic! I love that! And now you can enjoy the coziness of your room, without all the hassle. Well done!

  2. What a difference layered lighting makes!

  3. Mul on samanlaiset!

  4. LWK:
    Eikä! ja mä vasta hiljattain tajusin että tollasia on ees olemassa. Noi on ihan parhaat.

  5. Oh that's wonderful! What a fabulous idea. I love the ambiance of the directional lighting, too. That third shot is great. (The last one made me laugh.)

  6. Alana:
    Now that you mentioned it, the last picture is pretty humorous :)


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