Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holiday pillows

I was going to show you my Christmas tree that I got on monday. But it's not decorated yet. Every year I get one new decoration for the tree and this year's is not finished yet. The glue I used is not yet dry (do you get a feeling I'm having lots of problems with glues? Glues clearly aren't my field of expertise).

On monday I showed the wall board that had ribbon on it wrapped like a present. After I had written that post I realized I still have that ribbon and instantly wanted to use it somewhere. Then I also remembered that I have red pillow covers for the sofa pillows. And this is what I did.

I used a safety pin on the back of the bow to keep it formed like that. The next pillow didn't need any safety pins.

What this means is that I cannot lean on my pillows or the bows will go all flat, but look how pretty they are! I love them, so Christmassy and there is also the pillow with those letters that can be leaned on. And besides I hardly ever lay down on the sofa.

Also scb mentioned on the comment for monday that she's used ribbon on a door to make the door look like a present. I LOVE that idea. I would really like to use that somewhere someday. It could be amazing for a house warming party or if you give a house as a present to someone (yeah right, like that's ever going to happen).

I'll show you the tree on friday, I'm sure the glue has dried by then.


  1. Love the pillows very much! That many-looped bow is incredible!

    Looking forward to the tree...

  2. Simple and very cute. Hyvaa Joulua Leena!

  3. Thanks all. I'm so glad I kept the pillow covers, not long ago I was going to donate them.


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