Friday, 27 January 2012

Patch for trousers

I had a hard time figuring out what to post about today.  I have done only very small things lately. Nothing big and nothing spectacular. But I had a few things to choose from and chose 'patch for a hole in the trousers'. The patch is not my best work, actually it's quite hideous looking, but it works.

In places where lot of strain is directed at garments the glueing method I did previously does not work, eventually the glue gives in and the hole in the trousers returns. The place I needed to fix was the butt of A's jeans.

These jeans will replace A's work jeans which are in much worse shape than these are. For the patch I cut out a piece of fabric and rounded the edges. Then I pinned the patch on to the back side trying to keep the fabric flat. Then I zigzaged the edges.

Then comes the most important part. I zigzag the whole patch area so it's filled. These stitches are what is keeping the fabric in one piece and keeping it strong.

From the right side it looks like this. If you choose a thread colour closer to the colour of the garment and make sure the fabric stays flat all the time the patch will be almost invisible.

This type of patch is very burdensome to make by hand and if I couldn't have use a sewing machine I wouldn't have fixed this. But since the butt of A's jeans just and just fitted in the machine the patch was not hard to make. I could never fix my own jeans like this, since they are way smaller, also my jeans never break from the bumb but always from the knee, it's impossible to gather half of a lenght of the leg and then machine sew inside the leg.

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