Monday, 14 May 2012

Changing the belt for a treadle sewing machine

When we moved the sewing machine slash table from the bedroom to the entry we at the same go changed the old belt of the sewing machine to a new one. The old had broke couple months ago and we had bought a new leather belt, but had not yet changed it.

I had been stressing about changing the belt, but in the end it was really easy. First we placed the new belt on it's place, pulled it tight, but not too tight and marked the place. We cut the belt from the mark and then added the clip that came with the belt.

We used a big needle to make the holes for the clip. It was a bit difficult to make the holes large enough but we pushed the needle in a few times and eventually it got larger.

Here is A trying out the treadle sewing machine. I think he got hang of the treadling faster than I did.

The sewing machine wasn't still on the right spot. We moved it under the mirror in the entry. We also thought of moving it in the office, but the office is a bit crowded.


  1. What a beautiful machine. I think it looks great under the mirror as long as it doesn't impede your entry way.

    1. I think it's beautiful too, although I think the older ones are even more beautiful.

  2. Nice! That machine is beautiful. Good job fixing it.

    For some reason Google keeps removing your blog from my "following" list. Hopefully that isn't happening to your other followers too!

    1. Oh it does? I'm still seeing same amount of followers as I used to. Wonder if it only did that for you or if all are now unfollowing but I still see the old data. Please let me know if it keeps doing that, I'll try to do something if it does.


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