Friday, 11 May 2012

Ladder experiment

Irkku made an excellent suggestion about how to keep the used clothes easily available and on open but still looking somewhat neat. She suggested I could use decorational ladder to hold the clothing. Something like this. That was a super cool idea!

I could have bought ladder like that but I happened to have old ladder at home that were of no use anymore because they were not really sturdy.

You don't have useless old ladder lying around in your house? Seriously? I find it somewhat amusing that we just happened to have ladder around the house with no purpose what so ever, just makes me wonder what other stuff we have that is never used.

The ladder was covered in paint splatters and it had splinters in some places so I scraped the biggest paint splatters away and sanded the whole thing. I used a belt grinder to sand the bigger surfaces and the smallest nooks I sanded by hand. I tried to especially sand well the steps since the clothes will be hung from them and if there is even a tiniest splint it might damage our clothes. I admit I got a little bored of the sanding, there were so many tiny nooks and I just got tired. I might need to continue the sanding later if I get some proper tools, maybe a mouse sander could be convenient. We'll see...

I actually removed the table from the bedroom and placed the ladder there. We were able to move the table in the entry. I think it's a bit crowded there now, but it's there for the time being.

The ladder might look bit more rough than what Irkku originally suggested, but I think the ladder looks great in the bedroom, and if I ever get tired of the old industrial feel I can buy a decorational ladder. And then I will actually know if this ladder thing works for us or not.

Oh and we finally got the table fan we've been thinking of getting since last summer which was a hot summer! The fan is quiet and made fully of metal and reminds of an aircraft engine. Love it!

Oh and here is the before. I hope we are unable to cover the ladder up in clothes like we did with the table.


  1. belt grinder rules!!!!11111

  2. That's a cool idea! Also love your new fan it really goes well with the industrial charm of the ladder! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, this is really funny to me for two reasons... We also have an old, unusable ladder at the house and we don't usually hang onto stuff we don't use, so just yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to use it to decorate with.

    AND, we have the same trouble with clothes piling up. When we built our loft and the ladder up to it, the Hubs starting hanging all of his clothes on the ladder! It was better than the floor or the dresser, but every time we want to go up to the loft, we have to empty it off. :)

    Looks like I have a use for the old ladder now, it will be coming upstairs as soon as it's sanded down. Thanks so much for the idea! I'll have to send you a photo of it when it's done. :)

    1. Heh, so maybe it would be easy for him to learn to hang his clothes on the old ladder :)
      I'd love to see a photo or even a post about this!

  4. Greetings from Italy! We were on vacation last week. That ladder looks good! Hopefully it works for your clothes, for our it works great!


    1. Wow, hope you had a great vacation! A has had some trouble putting his clothes on the ladder but he's got better at it :D


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