Friday, 25 May 2012

Decorating the cubicle

It is not completely rare for people to decorate their work place, even if they work outside of home. I work as  a mechanical designer and most of my colleques are men and even they decorate their work places to please their eye. I know many who have taken souvenirs to work or have posters and funny quotes on the walls.

I know that making a cross stitch to decorate the cubicle is maybe a bit more than the standard. But that is what I did. I read a craft blog Hupsistarallaa over the weekend, like I already told in the previous post, and since she had done a funny cross stitch I got the urge of making one myself too. I thought of those traditional cross stitch pictures with pretty quotes like for example "home sweet home". Then it hit me that I want a "cubicle sweet cubicle" cross stitch. I thought my idea was some what genuine but according to google there are plenty of cross stitches with that quote. Well anyway it does not matter if it's old or new thing, at least it's new to me.

I made a pattern using some old cross stitch alphabets I've copied from some book long ago. I tried to find the middle of both words and started to stitch. If you look closely you'll notice that I made a mistake with the word sweet and it actually did not end up in the middle, but it does not matter.

Cross stitching is so simple that I'm not going to write it out here, plenty of informatition has been written to other web sites all ready, like to this. I used Aida fabric (fabric weaved so it has distinctive squares and holes) and some embroidery yarn I had at home.I was first planning to use blue and green, but ended up using only blue.

When I was done I cut the fabric to the size of the frame I found from home and placed the cross stitch inside the frame.

I like it a lot, it's so much fun and I liked making it, it was fairly quick, it took me to make only two nights in front of the television.

Here is the cross stitch in it's proper environment. You can also see here a glimpse of my work space also known as the cubicle. I did clean most of the folders and books away for taking this picture. I keep my table quite neat most of the time, but not this neat.


  1. That's fabulous! I love the font you chose, too, very ornate which is an ironic contrast to your work envirnment. Witty.

    1. Thank you Alana. I was aiming for something old fashioned exactly because of the modern work environment.

  2. What a humorous and sweet way to add a personal touch to the work environment. Happy weekend Leena!

  3. That is so cute! I love it!


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