Monday, 21 May 2012

Colourful canvas

Long time ago I bought a fabric from Ikea in purpose of making a canvas picture in the livingroom. Apparently Ikea does not sell the fabric anymore. But it was designed by the same designers who designed this similar fabric.

I had bought the fabric with the idea of painting the livingroom walls white or whiteish and thought that the fabric would look good in such a fresh and light room. Well I haven't painted the walls yet and I'm not sure when I will get the inspiration to do that. But I was annoyed that I had bought that fabric and just kept it in a closet where I couldn't see it. So even though the walls are not painted I desided to go ahead with putting up the fabric.

That is what we had in the living room, a board of chipwood covered in white wallpaper. I took it off the wall, placed the fabric on the floor and placed the chipwood board on top.

I did remove some of the extra fabric. I have now some fabric to make for example a pillow from. Then just used a stapler to attach the fabric. I did not remove the wallpaper since when I get tired of the new fabric (and I will get) I can easily take it off and again I will have a white wallpapered board to decorate with.

So there it is, and it's not actually looking too bad with the brown wall. I'm pretty happy with it.


  1. I love that fabric. It must have quite an impact in your mostly neutral room!

  2. That looks really nice - I like it!

  3. I like it! It makes a really big impact for not a whole lot of money, that's my favorite way to decorate. :)

    1. Yeah this must have cost like less than 10 euro.


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