Monday, 7 May 2012

Sheets from sheets

The old sheets we inherited some time ago are mostly top sheets, not duvet covers. But we have no use for top sheets, you know those kind of sheets where there is just one flat sheet that is placed under the blanket and then the decorative egde is turned on top of the blanket. I prefer duvet covers, those stay on place way better.

There were two similar top sheets that were in excellent condition and that had very nice lace egde and embroidered letters AV. I wanted to keep these sheets and especially the decorative edge intact. I had two options to make curtains from them or duvet covers and since we don't need new curtains anywhere just now and I think those would also look too old fashioned and too romantic I desided on the duvet covers.

In the pile of sheets were also few sheets with no embroidery or lace. I took two of those to work as the other side of the cover. I cut all four sheets to the right size and sewed the embroidered sheet and the simple sheet together from the edges.

In general I'm not too excited about lace but in bed sheets those seem normal. Also the romantic aspect of the lace is not too overwhelming in sheets. The embroidered letters are now upside down, but who says the right way to look at sheets is from the foot of the bed?


  1. Good job, the duvet cover looks beautful x

  2. Great job! The duvet cover looks amazing!

  3. Good idea! I like the little touch of lace.

  4. Oh, so pretty! I'm envious--that duvet cover would be the perfect "romantic" lace for me. Funny, though, e use a duvet (ith a cover) and a top and bottom sheet. That ay I don't have to launder the duvet cover too often.

    1. Thanks.
      We use duvet cover and bottom sheet of course. I launder the duvet cover as often as the bottom sheet and pillow case.
      I've only used top sheet in hotels abroad and I've never liked them, they are all crumbled up on the foot of the bed when I wake up on the morning. In Finland it's quite difficult to even find top sheets in stores these days, everyone uses just duvet covers.

  5. These turned out so beautiful. Makes me want to go out and buy lots of white linen.


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