Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Toilet renovation - for now

I've been writing and writing about how I will show a finished toilet renovation soon. That is finally happening now. But the post is not going to be the post I wanted it to be. I had really planned to paint the radiators in the toilet and I still haven't done that. I have an excellent excuse though, I noticed I cannot close the other radiator so it's constantly hot. I doubt it's wise to paint a hot radiator. I need to ask someone to come and check the valve, since it's somehow stuck. That is why I haven't painted the other radiator either. But I did paint the metal sheets that cover the holes to the piping. Since I doubt I will truly finish the toilet anytime soon I will post this post of the toilet renovation now before I forget the whole subject.

Also I realized that I did not take any proper before pictures of the toilet. Well I had planned to only change the silicone so I did not know to take pictures of the whole toilet. This is the best I can show. It's from the phase when I had started to remove all the accessories from the toilet.

I was hoping I would need to paint only once since the original wall colour was sort of white, but it still required two layers. I removed the toilet lamp too and used a table lamp so I could see at least something.

I did also paint the towel rack and then finally just few days ago the metal sheets. The toilet does look very fresh and white, but now the radiators and the door frame are really shouting to be painted. That might happen some day. Maybe.

That radiator on the top of the toilet seat is the one I cannot close and I'm pretty sure it has never been white, but I'd like to paint that too. And I was thinking of painting the screws which I attached the metal sheets to the wall with but I don't know if I'm up to it.

So there it is, the finished toilet renovation - for now.


  1. Looking good! I have the same white trash bin . Ikea right? ;)

  2. I think you are right not to paint the radiator while it is hot. But it does look like you are well on your way with this project!

    1. Thanks Santa. It is so much better than it was, I'm happy about that.

  3. Too funny. I repainted my bathroom, too! Those radiators are aful what ith the hoses and taps and things. Do they heat your bathroom--or do they provide you with hot water for washing?

    We have that ikea trash can--we keep dog food in it.

    1. I noticed, we had very similar plans :)
      The radiators are mainly for heating. The other radiator on the floor level is in the heating water circle and it's now turned off, because the whole heating is closed on summer. The radiator on top of the toilet seat is in the hot water system and it is not off even on summer, it can be closed individually, but like said , the valve is not working. Those generally are used to dry out towels and things, so it's good those are on. But I don't know why the radiator looks like that, they normally look more like the one we have in the bathroom


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