Friday, 28 February 2014

Apron for a baby

I was in Ikea the other day for a lunch with a mommy friend, it was quite an ex tempore visit so I did not really think through that we would have actually needed something from there. I should have bought a painting apron Måla for Likka from there. Not that Likka paints, but many of our friends wear that apron on their kid when they feed them. The apron has sleeves too so it protects the clothes way better than a regular bib.

Likka has now started to practise eating, so far it's not going very well. She has tasted quite many vegetables already, but from most of them she has not eaten more than a molecule. She might have eaten a full spoonful of sweet potato in the course of a week, maybe. Which means most of the purees given to her squirt out from her mouth and onto her clothes. I've also let her 'eat' on her own, she likes to chew cucumber sticks and I've gived her some salad, tomato and avocado to try. But it's awfully messy ofcourse. So we could have used that Måla apron.

Then I decided to make one. I had some PUL fabric left from making the diaper covers and so I used that. The apron turned out ok, but it is bit difficult to dress on Likka, the fabric is not very slippery so the sleeves are slightly difficult to pull on. I should have made bat sleeves for the apron, then it would be easier. Also the apron could be slightly longer, so it would protect Likka's pants too. Anyway once it's on it does work quite nicely, but it won't fit her for long. I guess I could make another one but I don't have enough material anymore and I'm not going to go and buy any, the material alone is more expensive than the ready made apron in Ikea. So I guess I need to make another trip to Ikea sometime later. 

I forgot to take before shots of the apron alone, so here it is after eating or tasting just one slice of tomato. Beautiful.


  1. Hello Leena! I've come 'Onshore' to catch up and find out that "It's A Girl"! Congratulations. How you have managed to continue blogging all this time blows my mind- well done! The apron is darling and super practical. Little Likka is super lucky!

    1. Hello Santa! Oh you just found that out? I sent you an e-mail to your Homestilo adress maybe two months ago, has it gone to the spam folder?
      Maybe Likka is an easy baby compared to the average, I don't know since I only have experience from one, but she does sleep quite nicely during the day and night too, so at times I have plenty of time for crafts and blogging.
      Hope you are doing good and still have time for you even if you don't have time for blogging anymore.

  2. Wow! That's from one slice of tomato? :) That would be fun to watch as long as you aren't worried about the mess.

    1. Yep! :) I'm not worried about mess, but the eating can look bit discusting at times. I can always wipe the floor and bathe Likka :)


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