Friday, 14 February 2014

Balaclava for Likka

I was not going to post anything this friday, because I had nothing to write about. But then suddenly I made a balaclava for Likka. I got some fabric pieces from my grandmother few days (or maybe weeks already) ago and two of the pieces were already cut, but my grandmother had never sewn them together, so I did that.

From those two pieces I got Likka a balaclava. I did not bother to sew a rib knit around the face opening, I just used stretchy honeycomb looking stitch on it. That works well too. Likka is already sleeping when I'm writing this so here my hand represents Likka's head.

I'm not sure who my grandmother was going to make the balaclava but if it was for me then she has had the pieces waiting in her fabric stash for thirty years.

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