Monday, 3 February 2014

Likka's first trip abroad

We traveled to Stockholm - again. This time by cruise ship, we did not feel like going by plane, not with Likka, not just yet.

We left on Friday evening and on Saturday morning we were in Stockholm. The weather in Stockholm was cloudy and gray. On Saturday evening we returned and were back in sunny  and white Helsinki by Sunday morning. The wind was quite high on both nights and the boat rocked a lot. There was bit more rocking than would have been comfortable, my head is still rocking when I sit by the computer.

Never the less we had nice time and it was good to go somewhere instead of being just home all the time, but I sure felt tired when we got home. I think Likka too was a little worn out, she had a five hour nap when we got home.


  1. Was the ship also an icebreaker? That looks pretty solid! Love little Likka's head! Why are there all those arches? It looks quite strange.

    1. No, it was not an icebreaker :) the ice might look solid but it's crushed, also on the night there was some snowfall so the pieces of ice have a white layer on top which makes it look even more solid.
      That building with the arches is the city hall, it has a inner courtyard made to look like a Italian piazza (but with all the snow it does not look that Italian to me :D)


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