Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Long overdue installation of a wall hook

After months of consideration I added a wall hook next to the terrace door. Back in November I noticed a need for a wall hook or some other way to keep the blankets and sleeping bags used when napping Likka on the terrace cradle. I just threw the sleeping bags on the floor when I took Likka inside from her nap. I did occasionally fold them but usually I did not bother.

I did consider also a basket, but that just takes too much floor space on an area which does not really have much room. I decided on a wall hook, but then I had to decide which one to get. I considered all sorts of hooks, even design ones like the Hang it all or the Muuto Dot. All those desing hooks are nice for sure, but I didn't need anything fancy and just wanted something that suits our home. 

In the toilet and bathroom we have wall hooks, which are original to the apartment (you can see two of them in this picture), those are fairly plain and common, but have prooven to be good in use and seem to be practically unbreakable. Remarkably those hooks are still in production. The size has changed a bit but the style and material is same.

So I bought one wall hook finally from a home improvement store. I screwed it on the wall, it hangs fairly high since the blankets and sleeping bags are quite long. When we do not need the hook anymore next to the terrace door I can move it to the bathroom or Likka's future room or any other place and it should suit to that place too.


  1. It's great when a simple thing makes such a big difference.

    1. I know. The blankets seem to take no room at all when hanging there. On the floor they felt even bigger than they were.


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